Elevate Your Shopping Journey with Exciting Rewards

Elevate Your Shopping Journey with Exciting Rewards

  • Earn as You Go
  • Spend with Joy
  • No Membership Fees
and MUCH MORE with “d POINT CLUB”, your essential travel companion in Japan

Immerse yourself in the ultimate reward experience with the "d POINT" program.

Whether you're indulging in a savory snack at a Tokyo convenience store or selecting the perfect souvenir at Narita Airport, every purchase you make at our member stores across Japan not only satisfies your needs but also brings you delightful rewards.

How It Works

Elevate Your Shopping Journey with Exciting Rewards
Earn as You Go:
Use your "d POINT CARD" at a wide array of participating stores, from fast-food joints to local convenience stores, and watch your points grow with every transaction.
Spend with Joy:
Redeem your accumulated points like cash for more purchases. Imagine, 1 point equals 1 yen at most partner stores—making your shopping both fun and rewarding.
Digital Convenience:
Access your "d POINT CARD" digitally via our app, ensuring you never miss a chance to earn or spend points.

Great for Travelers

Elevate Your Shopping Journey with Exciting Rewards
Hotspot Access:
With hotspots readily available at key locations, including convenience stores, you can easily stay connected and manage your points on the go.
Diverse Redemption Options:
Your points can be used for a wide range of services, ensuring there's always something to enhance your travel experience.
No Membership Fees:
Enjoy all these benefits without any sign-up or annual fees.

Have Questions?

Find answers to common questions about our Wi-Fi service and the d POINT program in our FAQ section.
What is the d POINT program?
The d POINT program is a rewards system by NTT DOCOMO that allows you to earn points when you shop at participating stores in Japan. These points can be redeemed for discounts and various rewards.
How can I earn d POINTs?
You can earn d POINTs by using your d POINT CARD at participating stores. Simply present your card or app at checkout, and points will be added to your account with each eligible purchase.
How do I redeem my d POINTs?
To redeem your d POINTs, present your d POINT CARD or use the app at participating stores. Points can be used like cash to pay for purchases, with 1 point typically equivalent to 1 yen.
Is there a fee to join the d POINT program?
No, there are no membership or annual fees to join the d POINT program. It is free for all users.

by NTT DOCOMO, one of Japan's largest telecommunications companies

NTT DOCOMO, one of Japan's largest telecom companies, offers unparalleled reliability and a vast network, ideal for travelers seeking seamless connectivity in Japan.

Join over 90 million members and immerse yourself in a world of rewarding travel experiences, from exclusive shopping benefits at numerous Japanese retail locations to hassle-free connectivity solutions.

This thriving community is at the forefront of enriching travel and shopping adventures in Japan, making every journey more enjoyable and connected.