Traditional Swordsmith Katana Experience

Traditional swordsmith
Traditional swordsmith

What is a Traditional Swordsmith Experience?

A Traditional Swordsmith Experience immerses you in the ancient art of Japanese sword making. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to observe skilled swordsmiths at work, learn about the techniques and history of katana forging, and even handle real Japanese swords. Ideal for history enthusiasts and those fascinated by Japanese craftsmanship, these activities offer a deep dive into the world of traditional swordsmithing.
Traditional swordsmith

Cultural Significance of Japanese Swordsmithing

Japanese swords, or katana, are not just weapons but also symbols of the samurai spirit and Japanese culture. The art of swordsmithing has been passed down through generations, with each blade representing a piece of history. By participating in a Traditional Swordsmith Experience, you gain insights into the meticulous process of crafting these iconic swords and the cultural heritage they embody.

Explore Our Traditional Swordsmith Experiences!

We offer a variety of swordsmith experiences to cater to different interests. Whether you want to observe master swordsmiths at work or learn about the history of Japanese swords, our experiences provide an engaging and educational journey into this fascinating craft. Here are the traditional swordsmith experiences we currently offer.
  • Japanese Katana Appreciation and Forge Tour Demonstration in Kyotango

    Traditional swordsmith

    What to expect

    Observe the skills of master swordsmiths at a forge in Kyotango City! Young swordsmiths who trained under the master swordsmiths, Yoshito and Yoshikazu Yoshihara, will guide you through the profound world of Japanese katana and swordsmanship.


    ・Witness the skills of a master craftsman that have been passed down from generation to generation!
    ・Visit this rarely-entered blacksmith shop! Enjoy the world of katana making with all five senses!
    ・Take a real Japanese katana in your hand and appreciate the unique personality of each!
    ・The rich history of Japanese katana will be explained in detail.
    ・Share the charm and mystique of Japanese Katana and sword smithing on social media!


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