Japanese Sweets Wagashi Experience

Japanese sweets
Japanese sweets

What is a Japanese Sweets Wagashi Experience?

A Japanese Sweets Wagashi Experience offers you the chance to delve into the world of traditional Japanese confectionery. Wagashi, known for its artistic presentation and delicate flavors, is an integral part of Japanese culture, often enjoyed with tea. These experiences allow you to learn about the history and techniques of wagashi making, and even create your own beautiful sweets.
Japanese sweets

Cultural Significance of Wagashi

Wagashi is more than just a sweet treat; it embodies the essence of Japanese aesthetics and seasonal beauty. Each piece of wagashi reflects the natural motifs of the season, crafted with precision and care. Participating in a Wagashi Experience provides a window into Japan’s culinary artistry and the cultural importance of these exquisite confections.

Explore Our Wagashi Experiences!

We offer a variety of wagashi experiences to suit different interests and levels. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned cook, our experiences provide an engaging and educational opportunity to create your own wagashi.
  • Nerikiri-Dough Wagashi Japanese Sweets Making Experience in Kyoto

    Japanese sweets

    What to expect

    Use your creativity to make traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets). Use high-quality ingredients and knead colorful nerikiri-dough to create these delicate delights. Create 2 designs such as a cute flower and a simple round shape.


    ・We use white/red bean paste produced by Kyoto's long-established shops.
    ・You will make 2 Japanese sweets matching the season.
    ・Please feel free to try! You can eat the sweets on the spot.


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